About Us

I grew up in a small town here in Oregon.  Small business was just what you did.  Whether they owned the only market in town or the only hair salon, small business owners were all around me.  I didn't know it at the time, but it really set the stage for me in the way I now value small business.  After spending many years in advocacy work, first with animals and then in healthcare, I finally left the workforce to seek a new direction.  My ongoing health issues had me struggling with high public contact and when the pandemic hit, it became even harder for me to be out and about.  But with the pandemic also came a lot of valuable lessons, namely in the importance of small business.  As I watched these small businesses all around me struggle, I knew I wanted to do more to help.  I had started making jewelry at the time and in an effort to supplement what I was doing and support other small businesses at the same time, I switched my whole boutique focus to items made in the US by small businesses, especially those from marginalized communities.  In addition to my own handmade products, I source the best of the best from other small businesses for my boutique, always purchasing from them outright rather than doing consignments and commissions.  We also started providing opportunities for artisans to get their products in front of consumers without the expensive overhead of having a storefront or being the victim of expensive vendor fees and commissions/ consignments by offering them space in our store to sell their own products.  We love what we do and we hope that you see the love in the items we choose to make and stock.  We really appreciate your support of small business.

Thanks so much for being here, 

Andrea Brown

We are members of:

Whitaker Community Market
Eugene Saturday Market
Eugene Chamber of Commerce
Travel Lane County