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Artisan Spaces

Gone Rogue Boutique offers two artisan spaces that can be reserved by the day in our new storefront in the Whitaker neighborhood.  These spaces are intended for artisans who compliment the boutique environment and who are committed to their craft and growing as a small business.  The artisan spaces give these artisans an opportunity to have a space to sell their products and have their current customers as well as new customers access them regularly.   All artisans considered for these spaces need to be pre-approved by Gone Rogue Boutique.


Artisans who are interested in these spaces should:

Be working toward functioning as a small business in the State of Oregon.

Be knowledgeable about their craft.

Have good customer service skills.

Be courteous and kind and good with people from all walks of life.  We are a SAFE SPACE.  Although the boutique as a whole tries to present a pretty neutral front, we absolutely do not tolerate hatred or bigotry toward marginalized groups and reserve the right to deny any vendor participation for any opinions expressed that are contrary to that in either their personal or professional lives.

Be willing to work in cooperation with other artisans in an environment where there are multiple sellers.

Be prepared with a professional setup, a business name and the ability to take electronic payments.

Be active on social media and willing to promote the boutique.  We don't care how many followers you have, only that you are willing to help spread the word.  The ability of the artisan spaces to remain free is dependent on the boutique being self sustaining and having a good flow of customers.

Be able to be present during the entire time slot you sign up for.

Be the designer and maker of the goods you sell with a focus on keeping your production processes in the US.

No direct sales or MLMs of any kind.  

No cannabis, marijuana, CBD related businesses.


Details about the space:

There are two spaces reserved for artisans in the boutique and two time slots for each space each day of the week that we are open with the exception of Sunday which only has one spot for each space.  We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  For the time being, spots will be free to reserve as we work to build momentum.  If the boutique stays successful, spots will remain free.    

The space is roughly 6x10.  A 6 foot table, neutral tablecloth and wall space with chicken wire windows items can be clipped to are provided for each artisan space but you are welcome to bring other small display items as well.  There is also chalkboards and small shelves in each space.  A second 6 foot table and tablecloth can be added if needed and as space allows.  You must be able to display a banner/signage for your business.  Handwritten signs will not be allowed.  If you need help with signage let us know as that is within our capability to provide at a minimal cost to some extent.  Neutral tablecloths will be provided to keep with the overall aesthetic of the boutique.  You cannot reserve both available spaces simultaneously for the same time slot but you can reserve the same space for the second time slot if you want to do a whole day.

Cancellation and/ or no shows more than 3 times in a 6 month period, even with advance notice, will prohibit you from signing up for future slots.

You will have your business name added to our website event calendar and tagged on our social media.

Gone Rogue Boutique will be offering social events and in the future, workshop space as additional benefits to help draw customers.



WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANY ITEMS THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE FOR TO BE SOLD IN THE BOUTIQUE.  If you are selling trademarked items like Disney, Pokemon, Coors light, any sports teams, etc. we will ask to see the license from the trademark owner giving you permission to sell that product using their name.  This includes any product for which you are selling a likeness of a trademarked item.  If it is found you do not have a license for that product, you will be asked to remove them from your reserved space and they will not be allowed to be sold in your space in the future unless you retain the appropriate licensure.

We also do not allow vendors to sell product in the boutique that depicts hatred/ bigotry toward any marginalized groups or products that in some way would make those groups feel unsafe.  We prefer to refrain from displaying products that are political in nature although these may be considered on a case by case basis.  Please keep in mind that this is a left leaning neighborhood/ city.

We reserve the right to decline participation at any time from any vendor that does not mesh with the overall vibe and aesthetic of the boutique.  We also reserve the right to decline participation and cancel future reservations for artisans who prove to be difficult to work with.  

If you book a slot that is alongside another vendor that sells a similar product, the vendor who was the last to book will have their spot canceled to avoid two artisans selling competing products at the same time.

Side note:  Although we have been an online boutique for two years prior to opening a storefront, we are still a very new brick and mortar.  Traffic is still unpredictable and inconsistent at times as we are working to get the word out.  Some of the ways we are advertising are:

Social media/ Online- Primarily Facebook and Instagram although we have Pinterest and TikTok as well.  We have a business page and VIP group and utilize MANY Facebook groups to get the word out.  We have a Google Business page.  We utilize Nextdoor and have a business listing there as well.

Print Media-  We have an upcoming ad and feature in Eugene Magazine.  We also utilize online calendars through the news channels and Eugene Weekly.

Networking-  We regularly hand out flyers everywhere we go.  We still attend other pop up market type events and hand out flyers there.  We are also members of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce and Travel Lane County and attend many of their events to help spread the word.  We maintain our memberships with Whitaker Community Market and Eugene Saturday Market.

Email Marketing-  We work regularly to grow our email list and send out 2-4 emails a month to our customers.

Our next plan is to check into radio advertising and a possible ad with the Student Survival Kit that is handed out to students at the University of Oregon.


If you are interested in an artisan spot, please contact Andrea Brown at with pictures showing examples of your products, pictures of your setup and links to your social media.  If you are selected as a vendor, you will be emailed a link to sign up for slots.  Pictures of the two spaces are below.